NGC 7000 - North America Nebula (in H-alpha)               (image above is reduced-size | other sizes:  medium , original)

Distance:  1,800 light years

Telescope Takahashi FS-60C @ f/6.2
Mount Takahashi EM200 Temma II
Camera QSI 540wsg @ -15C
Filters Astrodon Ha (3nm)
Guider SX Lodestar
Settings 3x15min Ha (bin1x1); AstroArt5, CS4+star reduction (cropped, 10xdarks/flats/fdarks/bias)

27 December 2013 - Las Cruces, NM

Backfocal distance now correct, focus-lock I believe is affecting optical train and causing slight coma in one corner - this is only because I currently just manually focus this smaller scope. Only enough time to collect Ha data and went behind my house after only getting one color channel, so no color for this one, for now :)

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