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astro imaging equipment




TOA-130F typical imaging setup.

FS-60C typical imaging setup.


   TOA130NFB.jpg (121643 bytes)   Takahashi TOA-130NFB APO Air-spaced Triplet Refractor (130mm, F/7.7, 1000mm) (Arrived 28 Feb 11)

   FS60C.jpg (202119 bytes)   Takahashi FS-60C APO Fluorite Doublet Refractor (60mm, F/5.9, 355mm) (Arrived 1 Mar 11)



   EM200.jpg (62553 bytes)   Takahashi EM200 Temma II German Equatorial Mount (< +/- 5" PE) (Arrived 21 Mar 07)


            Main Camera:

   QSI_wLodestar_sm.jpg (229749 bytes)   QSI 690wsg CCD camera (3388x2712, 3.7x3.7µm) (Arrived 28 Nov 17)

QSI 690wsg 9.2mp Cooled CCD Camera w/Integrated Guider Port.  Camera Mounting Options: T-mount adapter and 2" nosepiece.  Guider Mounting Options: CS/C-mount.  5-position Filter Wheel for Threaded 1.25" Filters


Model 690 CCD Image Sensor Specifications:

CCD Manufacturer & Model     Sony ICX814         
CCD Architecture Interline Transfer
     Microlens Yes
     Anti-blooming Yes - 800x suppression
Imager Size: (WxH) 12.48mm x 9.98mm
Pixel Array (WxH): 3388 x 2712 active (9.19 megapixels)
Pixel Size: 3.69µm x 3.69µm
Pixel Full Well Depth 18,000 electrons
Absolute Quantum Efficiency Peak: 77% at 560nm
Pixel Dark Current <0.002 electrons per second at -10°C
Intrinsic Read Noise 3.1 electrons RMS
Dynamic Range 75db


Model 690 Camera Specifications:

Thermoelectric CCD Cooling

Temperature regulation +/- 0.1°C, @ 0°C  to -40°C CCD temperature
In free air,
Fans @ Full Speed
Typically 40°C below ambient air with 85% cooling power
Cooling Fan Control Intelligent, user configurable
Camera Gain User Selectable High Gain 0.16 e-/ADU (default), Low Gain 0.36 e-/ADU
Digital Resolution 16 bits (both High Quality and High Speed mode)
Total System Read Noise 3 electrons RMS typical in High Quality mode
7 electrons RMS typical in High Speed mode
Pixel Dark Current <0.002 electrons per second at -10°C
Weight (wsg model) 1300g


  • 1.25" Astrodon LRGB Tru-Balance I-Series Gen 2 Filters  

  • 1.25" Astrodon Ha filter 3nm FWHM 


            Guide Camera:

   Lodestar.jpg (135386 bytes)   Starlight Xpress Lodestar Guide camera  (ICX429AL Sony Exview, 752x580 pixels, 8.2 x 8.4Ám) (Arrived 23 Apr 12)



f7.7_config.jpg (120716 bytes)

f5.8_config.jpg (101675 bytes)

f6.2_config.jpg (96654 bytes)


           DSLR Camera (skyscapes):

   CanonT3i.jpg (82885 bytes)   Canon T3i Digital Rebel w/Canon 18-135mm lens (Arrived 24 Dec 13)

  SamyangLens.jpg (230112 bytes)   Samyang 14mm, F/2.8 lens (Arrived 6 Mar 22)

   Point and Shoot Camera (planetary):

            Canon_SX420IS.jpg (111096 bytes)   Canon SX420 IS


            Light Box:

f5.8_config.jpg (101675 bytes)       



            Previous equipment (most recent first):

                       Orion_150mm_Mak-Cas.jpg (193136 bytes)   Orion 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Reflector (150mm, F/12, 1800mm) (1 Jul 21 - 4 Dec 22 : SOLD to help fund upgrade to TPO 12" RC Truss Tube)

   540_wLodestar_sm.jpg (181551 bytes)   QSI 540wsg CCD camera (2048x2048, 7.4x7.4µm) (22 May 12 - 18 Dec 17 : SOLD to upgrade to QSI 690wsg)

   SXV_H9C.jpg (151731 bytes)   Starlight Xpress SXV-H9C CCD camera (1392x1040, 6.45micron pixels) w/SXV guidecam (19 Apr 06  - 28 Jun 12 : SOLD to upgrade to QSI 540wsg)

   WOZS66.jpg (113259 bytes)   William Optics ZenithStar 66 SD Doublet APO (66mm, F/5.9) (19 May 06 - 5 Jul 11 : SOLD to upgrade to Tak  FS-60C)

   C8.jpg (80669 bytes)  C8_imaging.jpg (76620 bytes)   Celestron 8" CF w/XLT (203mm, F/10) (27 Apr 07 - 11 Feb 11 : SOLD to upgrade to Tak TOA-130NFB)

      Earlier tandem imaging setup (C8 and WO66), January 2009

   canon_s1.JPG (143691 bytes)   Canon PowerShot S1 IS, 10x optical zoom (Jun 05 : upgrade from Canon A40 and used for most Planetary captures - camera died Aug 08, replaced with Canon S5 IS, which in turn I later sold and replaced with Canon T3i in Dec 2013)

      Meade LX200GPS 10" SMT w/UHTC SCT (254mm, F/10) (8 Nov 05 - 28 Feb 07 : SOLD to upgrade to EM200 and C8)

   orion_10dob.jpg (45330 bytes)   Orion SkyQuest XT10 Dobsonian (254mm) (May 03 - Sep 05 : SOLD to upgrade to Meade LX200GPS 10")

   minolta.jpg (67252 bytes)   Minolta X-370 35mm SLR with 300mm zoom attached (RETIRED, but still have it)

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