IFN appears as dust/clouds over entire image, above (image is slight stretch of Lum channel).


M81 (Bode's w/Holmberg IX) and M82 (Cigar) (and NGC 3077, bottom right)     (top image is reduced-size | other sizes:  medium , original)

Distance:  12 million light years to M81 and M82

Telescope Takahashi FS-60C @ f/6.2
Mount Takahashi EM200 Temma II
Camera QSI 690wsg @ -10C
Filters Astrodon Tru-Balance I-Series LRGB Gen 2
Guider SX Lodestar
Settings 20x10min L (bin1x1); 5x5min ea RGB (bin2x2); AstroArt5, CS4 (cropped, 10xdarks/flats/fdarks/bias)

25 October 2019 - Las Cruces, NM

From my new darker location in Las Cruces (moved in October 2019), the very faint Integrated Flux Nebula (IFN) can be seen - bottom Lum-only image. Much more easily seen than in my prior work from my location in the north/bright part of of the city! The IFN is a little-studied complex of diffuse dust and clouds in our own Milky Way Galaxy ~ (text from APOD).

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