NGC 281 (Pacman Nebula) in HaRGB   (image above is reduced-size | other sizes:  medium , original)

Distance:  10,000 light years

Telescope Takahashi TOA-130F @ f/7.7
Mount Takahashi EM200 Temma II
Camera QSI 540wsg @ -10C
Filters Astrodon Ha (3nm), Astrodon Tru-Balance I-Series LRGB Gen 2
Guider SX Lodestar
Settings 6x20min Ha (bin1x1); 2x5min ea RGB (bin2x2); AstroArt5, CS4 (cropped bottom, 10xdarks/flats/fdarks/bias)

28 September 2013 - Las Cruces, NM

Published as Astronomy Magazine Picture of the Day, 1 Oct 14 (screenshot).
Published in Milenio Newspaper (Monterrey, Mexico) pg 12, on 15 Dec 2013 in an article written by Cesar Cantu. Thank you, Cesar! Picture of article, here.

Process notes: Result strictly HaRGB, where Ha was used for Luminance.  A test process of Ha_HaRGB (similar to what was done in the NGC6888 result) showed little improvement for this particular object, thus I did not use it for this result.

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