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Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy)   (image above is reduced-size | other sizes:  medium , original)

Distance:  ~135 million km

Telescope Takahashi FS-60C @ f/6.2
Mount Takahashi EM200 Temma II
Camera QSI 540wsg @ -15C
Filters Astrodon Tru-Balance I-Series LRGB Gen 2
Guider SX Lodestar
Settings 1x5min L (bin1x1); 2x1min ea RGB (bin2x2); AstroArt5, CS4 (slightly cropped, 10xdarks/flats/fdarks/bias)

8 February 2015 - Las Cruces, NM

Took other Luminance data, but the comet was moving so fast it distorted the tail streams some when stacked. Thus, just used a single Lum frame for this result.

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