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Total at Maximum - 8:51pm local (details in table, below).

Partial - Approx 7:43pm local (stack of 10 images).

Total (pre-maximum) - Approx 8:29pm local (stack of 10 images).

Wide view near maximum. Single frame.

OBJECT The Moon (Super Moon Total Eclipse) - taken at maximum (top image)                                     (click each image for full-scale)
Telescope N/A (Canon 18-135mm lens)
Mount N/A (tripod)
Camera Canon T3i (stock/unmodded)
Filters N/A
Guider N/A
Settings Top image: 1x3.2sec, 135mm, f/5.6, ISO800 (cropped, otherwise unprocessed frame)
Date/Location 27 September 2015 (8:51pm) - Las Cruces, NM


All images taken with T3i - Second image (Partial) was 1/200sec, ISO200, stack of 10. Third image (Pre-maximum) was 1/2sec, ISO 800, stack of 10. Bottom image is a single image - approx 3sec, ISO800 - set to approximate what I saw on this night.

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